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Practical Manual Human Anatomy & Physiology-I

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This Practical handbook on human anatomy and physiology is meant for undergraduate pharmacy students. Human Anatomy and physiology is a fascinating branch of science that dealt with the anatomy of human body and its physiology. All the experiments described in this book are as per the guidelines given by the Pharmacy council of India for the undergraduates students.

Practical Manual Human Anatomy & Physiology-II

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This practical handbook is structured to gradually give students practice doing various aspects of human anatomy and physiology in which students are engaged in the entire experiments. In this way students experience not only the power that science has to reveal the workings of the natural world but also its limitations, and tentativeness of this knowledge.

Practical Manual Microbiology

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Microbiology is a science that helps us to improve human lives by providing identification-methods and by suggesting treatment methods for all manner of bacterial infections and diseases. It is one of the most applied branches of science. Its outstanding applications in the field of food microbiology, medical microbiology, industrial microbiology, soil microbiology, and water or wastewater microbiology allow us to use microorganisms for our benefit. ‘Practical Manual of Pharmaceutical Microbiology’ is a practical guide to the application of important molecular biology techniques in microbiological research.

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – I

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This book Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-I issued for the students of B. Pharm. II semester of various universities of India. This book has been written strictly in accordance with the current syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India. All mechanisms related with organic chemistry have been explained in a step by step manner.


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Biochemistry is a growing field these days since the number of industrial applications are growing continuously. This book is also targeted to provide the knowledge to B. Pharm. II semester students of all the universities/technical institutions in India about biochemistry. All the aspects of syllabus have been discussed in brief & tried to provide best information.

Practical Manual Pharmaceutics

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The word pharmaceutics is used in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences to cover may areas related to formulation of the medicines. Medicines are rarely with single ingredients, they need additives to convert them into dosage forms and this in turn indicates the concept of formulation.

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – III

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Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-III for the students of B. Pharm IV semester of various universities of India. This book has been written strictly in accordance with the current syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India.


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The main purpose of the book is to introduce Pharmacy students about various health issues and their challenges. It covers deep insight of various communicable and non-communicable diseases. This book will help pharmacy students to understand the current situation and epidemiology of various diseases in India. It contains information about the social and public health issues. This book gives complete information regarding the concept and evaluation of public health. Detailed insight has been given for the understanding of concept of control and prevention. This book also covers the social and health education, nutrition, vitamins, and food.

Medicinal Chemistry – I

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This series of book will provide a concise knowledge of Medicinal Chemistry which deals with the discovery, design and preparation of biologically active compounds along with the interpretation of their mode of action at molecular level. It will also describe the relationship between chemical structure and pharmacological activity for a series of compounds which is known as SAR (Structure Activity Relationship).

Practical Manual Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

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The purpose of writing this book is to make available a qualitative book on “Practical Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry” for the students of B. Pharmacy. This book has been structured in 7 Chapters (33 Experiments) as per the new syllabus of B. Pharmacy suggested by the Pharmacy Council of India. Each chapter has been written with aim to give a reasonable account of the topic with questions after each experiment for students in a clear and easy manner for viva-voce preparation.

Physical Pharmaceutics - II

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Physical pharmaceutics is the branch of pharmacy that integrates knowledge of physics and chemistry to the study of pharmacy and pertain them to the pharmaceutical dosage form development. Physical pharmaceutics is an essential course that leads to appropriate understanding of ensuing courses in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology. It imparts the physicochemical foundation for rational formulation, manufacturing, compounding, drug delivery, product selection, and product usage. It concentrates on the theories behind the phenomena necessary for dosage form design.

Drug Store & Business Management

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This book Drug Store & Business Management is written in a very simple language giving suitable illustration wherever required to make the students understands the topics in a better manner. This book covers the Introduction of Trade, Industry and Commerce, Drug House Management, Sales Promotion, Market Research, Recruitment, Training, Banking and Finance, Introduction to the accounting. This book will help you to be successful in your analysis course for D.Pharm. students of all the universities/technical institutions in India.

Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

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Biopharmaceutics is the study of the relationships between the physical and chemical properties, dosage, and form of administration of a drug and its activity in the living body. Pharmacokinetics refers to the study of the time course of a drug within the body (extent and duration of systemic exposure to the drug) and also incorporates the process about the drug’s absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) pattern.

Pharmacology - I

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The main purpose of the subject is to understand what drugs do to the living organisms and how their effects can be applied to therapeutics. This book covers the information about the general introduction of pharmacology including pharmacokinetics pharmacodynamics, ADR, Drug interactions and Drug discovery and clinical evaluation of new drug. This book also explains Pharmacology of drugs acting on peripheral nervous system and central nervous system in regards of organization and Neurohumoral transmission in PNS and CNS.

Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry – I

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Pharmacognosy as an academic discipline in the last few decades with applications in phytochemical studies and health care management but now days it is almost changed beyond recognition. With the revival of attraction in the field of natural drugs studies, new courses are introduced to educate students of pharmacy and related professions.

Human Anatomy & Physiology-II

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The Human Anatomy and Physiology-II text book is designed to meet the needs of B.Pharm students studying Anatomy and Physiology for the very first time in their curriculum. It may also be useful for anyone studying basic biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology. It is intended for use by students with little previous biological knowledge. The language used in this book is so simple to be easily understand by the students with concept.