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Practical Manual Human Anatomy & Physiology-I

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This Practical handbook on human anatomy and physiology is meant for undergraduate pharmacy students. Human Anatomy and physiology is a fascinating branch of science that dealt with the anatomy of human body and its physiology. All the experiments described in this book are as per the guidelines given by the Pharmacy council of India for the undergraduates students.

Practical Manual Pharmaceutics

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The word pharmaceutics is used in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences to cover may areas related to formulation of the medicines. Medicines are rarely with single ingredients, they need additives to convert them into dosage forms and this in turn indicates the concept of formulation.

Practical Manual Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

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The purpose of writing this book is to make available a qualitative book on “Practical Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry” for the students of B. Pharmacy. This book has been structured in 7 Chapters (33 Experiments) as per the new syllabus of B. Pharmacy suggested by the Pharmacy Council of India. Each chapter has been written with aim to give a reasonable account of the topic with questions after each experiment for students in a clear and easy manner for viva-voce preparation.

Practical Manual Pharmaceutical Analysis

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Pharmaceutical analysis plays a vital role in evaluation of various drugs sample. Analysis of the compound starts from basic analytical tools i.e. calibration of the glassware’s, handling of the analytical balance, various titration methods, electrochemical methods etc. Thus without basic analytical tools further advanced study is tedious and costly.