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Practical Manual Human Anatomy & Physiology-II

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This practical handbook is structured to gradually give students practice doing various aspects of human anatomy and physiology in which students are engaged in the entire experiments. In this way students experience not only the power that science has to reveal the workings of the natural world but also its limitations, and tentativeness of this knowledge.

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – I

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This book Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-I issued for the students of B. Pharm. II semester of various universities of India. This book has been written strictly in accordance with the current syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India. All mechanisms related with organic chemistry have been explained in a step by step manner.


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Biochemistry is a growing field these days since the number of industrial applications are growing continuously. This book is also targeted to provide the knowledge to B. Pharm. II semester students of all the universities/technical institutions in India about biochemistry. All the aspects of syllabus have been discussed in brief & tried to provide best information.

Human Anatomy & Physiology-II

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The Human Anatomy and Physiology-II text book is designed to meet the needs of B.Pharm students studying Anatomy and Physiology for the very first time in their curriculum. It may also be useful for anyone studying basic biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology. It is intended for use by students with little previous biological knowledge. The language used in this book is so simple to be easily understand by the students with concept.


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This book is designed to meet the needs of Bachelor in Pharmacy students studying for the very first time in their curriculum. Thus complexity of the matter has been avoided with a view that complete course content has to be completed by the student in limited time period. The subject matter has been presented in a lucid, comprehensive and systematic manner which is easy to understand and also develops writing ability for students to score good marks in upcoming examination. This book includes MCQ’s questions according to new EXAM pattern of university.


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Pathology refers to the predicted or actual progression of particular diseases. As a field of general inquiry and research, pathology addresses four components of disease: cause, mechanisms of development (pathogenesis), structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes), and the consequences of changes (clinical manifestations).

Practical Manual Computer Application In Pharmacy

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A Handbook of Practical Pharmaceutical Sciences in Computer Applications in Pharmacy which covers almost all experiments prescribed for the B.Pharmacy 2nd Semester Practical subjects as per PCI latest syllabus. Pharmaceutical aspects and experiments are linked to Computer Applications in Pharmacy, which are need of the hour for B. Pharmacy course. In modern era of science and technology, the usage of computers in pharmaceutical field has became an integral part.

Environmental Science

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The book has been divided into three units. The 1st Part of Unit–I explain scope, importance and multi disciplinary nature of environmental studies and also need for public awareness regarding environmental concern. In 2nd part of Unit-I, various natural resources are discussed along with the issues associated with their use and overexploitation and also some of the major sustainable management techniques for each of the natural resources respectively. Unit–II discusses natural ecosystems, their structure and functions, ecosystem regulation and succession. Unit-III elaborates on sources, effects and control of various types of environmental pollution. It also covers various aspects related to solid waste management and natural disaster management.

Computer Application In Pharmacy

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Computer Application in Pharmacy text book is designed to meet the needs of B.Pharm. IInd semester students studying basic concepts of number system, information system, web technologies, bioinformatics and how computer used in pharmacy in their curriculum. It is intended for use by students with little previous computer knowledge. This textbook will help you to be successful in your analysis course for B.Pharm. students of all the universities/technical institutions in India.

Practical Manual Organic Chemistry - I

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Chemistry is an experimental science. Thus, it is important that students of chemistry do Experiments in the laboratory to understand applications of the theories they study in lecture. The present book entitled “Lab manual of Practical Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-I” has been designed to cover the Practical syllabus of B. Pharma course of organic Chemistry for students.

Practical Manual Biochemistry

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Biochemistry is one of the fundamental medico-biological subjects which is very important for general medical education independently on certain physician speciality. The modern notions about pathogenesis of human diseases are based on molecular aspects of the development of the pathological states. Therefore the detailed comprehension of the essence of diseases is impossible without serious research of biochemistry.